We craft real-time ready and printable characters for game creators

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Looking for a boost to your character production ? 

Here is how we can help.

Full character

We make your character from start to finish. 

Modular body

We shape multiple body parts to create a large array of combinable characters.


We create new heads to add more variety to your character panel.


We shape your character’s main emotions and make it feel alive.

Skins & outfits

We craft outfit variations to extend your character’s customisation.

Hairstyle and pilosity

Need a new haircut? We craft the best hair and pilosity for your model.


We forge tools and weapons for your character and players to use.


We design accessories to better customize your characters.


Tell a story with your character with poses we create.


We produce stunning pictures to help you promote your project.

3D print

Materialize your character in real life with our plug and print STL files.

Engine integration

We help you in the process of integrating the ressources into your game engine.

Our strengths

Here is what makes us stand out


We make sure to be considered as specialists in Character Art by always taking it to the next level. 

IP transfer

IP and Copyrights are transferable for the work produced
 if necessary. 


Acting as an extension of your team, we strongly focus on connecting with you during the whole process and building strong relationships.

Tailored solution

By offering proactive communication and iteration, we ensure the satisfaction of our clients.


We can hop on board at any time if you need an on-demand workforce to secure the success of your project. 


We invest resources and energy where it matters the most in order to deliver state-of-the-art assets on time and on budget. 


We ensure every asset is visually outstanding, optimized and easily usable from start to finish.

Data security

We promise confidentiality and data security for every part of your projects.

Production steps

This is how we craft souls.


We write down your wishes and expectations for your order based on your concept. If you do not have one, we can provide you with one we create. 


We sculpt the main shapes and language of your model. Details are not yet important here, we focus on silhouette and readability.


We add every detail and make sure the high resolution model looks polished.

Optimisation and UVs

An optimized representation of your model with game-ready topology and UVs. (Real-time only)

Baking and PBR texturing

We transfer the information of the high resolution model to the optimized one. Then we add flavor, colours and history to your model through textures. (Real-time only)


Ready to be shipped ! We make sure everything is in order to ease your process of using the final asset.

Software and workflows

We work with the best industry standard tools in our process.


Autodesk Maya

Substance Suite



Unreal Engine

3D Coat


Upgrade your IP

Great stories deserve great characters.

Realtime Ready

  •  For games and simulation
  •  Sculpted highpoly geometry
  •  Optimized lowpoly geometry
  •  PBR or handpaint optimized textures 
  •  Unreal or Unity setup (optional)
  •  Poses and asset renders (optional)

3D Print Ready

  •  Plug and print  STL files
  •  For FDM, SLA/DLP print
  •  Sculpted highpoly geometry
  •  Posed model
  •  Pre-print Assurance
  •  Printed and delivered by us (optional)


      Here are some frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please contact us and we will make sure to reply as soon as possible. 

      Usually you can expect characters to be produced within 10 to 20 days. Production time may vary based on some factors such as your milestone, the complexity of your design and the number of services needed.

      Price may vary based on some factors such as your milestone, the complexity of your design and the number of services needed. Be sure to reach us to tell us more about your project and find what suits you best. 

      Yes. We make certain to meet our clients’ expectations based on the initial brief produced at the start of the order. If any changes on the brief occur during the time of the production, we will make our possible to take them into account. 

      Standard services include FBX and OBJ files for realtime ready assets and STL file for plug and print assets. As for source files such as .ztl, .ma, .sbst, .PSD, you can get them as an option. 

      If you choose to get the copyrights and IP, yes it will.

      Yes. Be sure to contact us to talk about your project and see how we can help you.

      We ask you to provide us reference images. This may include concept design representing your asset in different views. 

      You can also provide additional references, such as mood boards or reference boards, to make sure the 3D model is the most accurate possible. 

      We can help you in the process by creating the concept ourselves.

      We usually do not. The best you can do is reach us to tell us more about your project.